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Domain Registration

The name of your website is a domain name. It act as an address that internet users can utilize to access your website. A domain name is used for locating and recognizing computers on the web. Computers utilize serious of number known as IP address. But it would not be easy for humans to remember strings of number. Hence, the idea of domain names came into the light and are utilized to recognize entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses.

No websites can have similar domain names. You can pick your domain name with a flexible domain extensions, such as, .com, .in,, .net and so on. When you finish domain name registration procedures with a legitimate extension then no other client can register a similar domain with a similar extension. That specific domain address was allotted to you only. You can build a site with allocating to the web address. Keep in mind that your domain name will provide your business with a brand identity on the web and navigate user to your site.

Why Should I purchase a domain Name?

On the web, your domain name will act as your one of a kind identity. It is a must for any individuals, businesses or organizations, who are planning to make online presence. A domain name, website and email address will offer you and your business an additional professional appearance. Protecting copyrights and trademarks, building creditability, incrementing brand awareness, and search engine positioning are some of the other reasons to purchase a domain name.

Why Shahni Digital Media?

Shahni Digital Media is the most renowned name in the field of offering domain names and web hosting solutions for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in India. The process of domain registration with Shahni Digital Media is very easy, safe and cost-effective. Along with great pricing, we also offer world class 24/7 customer support. Since its launch, Shahni Digital Media has risen to in popularity across the nation. We have hundreds of domains to choose from at a rate that other companies only dream about. We know how to set you up for your online success.


What We Serve

Shahni Digital Media is feeling great to offer wide range of digital marketing services in Bhopal, India. Our services includes SEO, website designing & development, PPC, email marketing, content writing, news publishing, ORM. logo designing, domain hosting & registration etc. Hire us and take your business to the zenith. Our team is capable to outrank your competitors and make your visible over online platforms.