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What is it?

An E-paper is nothing but a digital version of your traditional paper shown in a flip-flop view format. It appears same as newspaper would if printed out. Direct links to E-paper can be emailed, shared through social media and also can be embedded on a website. Just like a newspaper, the pages of E-paper are flipped through.

E-paper ideally recreates the printed pages by showing them one-to-one on a smaller scale. Users can navigate the pages of E-paper, get an outline similarly as they probably get it from the print newspaper. The advanced recreation of the printed edition permits specific pages and articles to be retrieved by tapping on them. In along these lines, E-Paper consolidates the presentation possibilities of the printed paper with those of the online newspaper.

Shahni Digital Media has an extensive digital delivery platform that offers e-Paper solution for clients all across the nation. Our e-Paper solution makes it feasible for distributers to easily distribute their content in a digital newspaper format. Thinking about the fast development and advancing patterns in the digital media market, Shahni Digital Media has redesigned its online paper platform to the most recent HTML-5 technology which enables distributers to take their digital editions to prevalent levels and give an extraordinary reading experience to their clients, while being compatible with every one of the gadgets and form factors accessible in the market. Shahni Digital Media's E-paper publishing solution gives a reading experience that is adaptable, precise, and secure, all at a reasonable expense for publishers.

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed availability

Your users anticipate that the e-paper will be on time and accessible anyplace. We deal with the technical side of things, while you focus around your day by day deadlines.

24/7 support

We help screen your publications to guarantee timely delivery consistently. Be that as it may, our timely delivery goes way past the underlying publishing. Errors shouldn't be drawn out to your attention by unhappy readers. Our customer care authorities proactively cover both human and machine errors, identifying over 80% of all errors before they get distributed.


What We Serve

Shahni Digital Media is feeling great to offer wide range of digital marketing services in Bhopal, India. Our services includes SEO, website designing & development, PPC, email marketing, content writing, news publishing, ORM. logo designing, domain hosting & registration etc. Hire us and take your business to the zenith. Our team is capable to outrank your competitors and make your visible over online platforms.