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In a world, which is continuously evolving, it is now more important than ever before for every individual to be informed on the news and what’s going on. Long back, people used to discover news only by word of mouth, and later with the help of daily newspaper. At present, in the era of digital world, we do not have any excuse to make for not being able to know what’s happening, since we have access to internet, and availability of E-papers. E-papers are nothing but a digital version of traditional newspaper. News are not created, instead they are uncovered. Shahni Digital media, begun in 2018, is the leading home-grown and independent news service that keeps the nation informed with the latest online news for 24/7.

Shahni Digital Media helps your remain updated with all the breaking headlines all across the globe. Our end goal is to provide our readers with news that they want to read and assist publishers with people to read the news that they write. We bring you the local and international news as it happens, and when it happens. You can read about all the happenings around the globe anytime and anywhere with Shahni Digital Media. It is the place where you can discover latest news headlines, and video of breaking stories from every corner of the nation.

We are proud for how our work makes impact on the people of our nation. Being creative and analytical, we provide people of our nation with news that is credible, accurate and quick. We have set ourselves apart from others in the society by its issue based, unbiased and non-prejudiced news publishing. Shahni Digital Media is your one stop solution for latest online news, headlines and videos on politics, business, world, sports, lifestyle, entertainment, opinions and much more 24/7.


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